Meet the leadership team behind Pitch Black

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A Universe of Limitless of Creativity: Meet the leadership team behind Pitch Black

Pitch Black was launched in 2023, after what was then known as the Fuse Group. In collaboration with EagleTree Capital, the company acquired VFX brands FuseFX, FOLKS, Rising Sun Pictures (RSP) and El Ranchito.

The group’s then Chief Executive Officer, David Altenau, stepped into the Chairman role and FOLKS Founder, Sébastien Bergeron, was announced as the new CEO.

That year saw Pitch Black experience incredible growth with the acquisition of El Ranchito, an expansion of RSP offices in Adelaide and Brisbane, the launch of FOLKS Mumbai studio and continued strong performance by both FOLKS and FuseFX across their North American and Canadian locations. “It is our goal for Pitch Black to become synonymous with creative excellence: a group of premier brands that empower, embolden, and excite filmmakers and storytellers around the world. We have a tremendous opportunity ahead of us, and Pitch Black is perfectly positioned to capture it” says Bergeron.

Pitch Black's Executive team comprises of FuseFX President Johnny Fisk, FOLKS President Amélie Poitras, RSP President Jennie Zeiher, RSP Managing Director Tony Clark, El Ranchito President Félix Bergés and El Ranchito Director of Studio Manuel Ramírez.

In 2023, under Bergeron’s leadership, new Chief Financial Officer, Suzanne Bertrand and Chief People Officer, Marie-Hélène Bourduas joined the business.

Bertrand's appointment underpins Pitch Black's mission to align and to empower its brands’ leadership teams, and to provide business intelligence and analytics to drive company decision making.

Bertrand has a proven track record in delivering financial performance and increased productivity, and has served as Chief Financial Officer at Rodeo FX and Moment Factory.

Bourduas is the newest member of the Pitch Black team joining in October 2023. As CPO, her role is to ensure that the group of companies continue to deliver and improve on fostering an inclusive culture; one which emphasizes creativity, agility, collaboration, innovation and excellence.

“Our most valuable asset remains our people; they are the heart and soul of our organization” Bergeron states, “Marie-Hélène was a standout having worked in related industries and had a proven track record in working in fast-paced dynamic business environments. Marie-Hélène will service our brands to strengthen strategic alignment on employee initiatives and maintain a culture of inclusion and respect”.

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