Mikaël brings a wealth of experience and a passion for creative innovation to his role as Vice President of Operations at PITCH BLACK. With a background deeply rooted in fine arts, Mikaël's journey from a '3D artist' to an executive showcases his relentless pursuit of process optimization and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Throughout his career, Mikaël has demonstrated an unparalleled track record in navigating fast-paced creative environments. His love for challenges has driven him to continuously seek ways to improve project quality and enhance customer confidence.

In his current capacity, Mikaël is responsible for translating CEO Sébastien Bergeron's strategic vision into actionable plans. His duties include fostering cross-brand integration, streamlining processes, promoting collaboration among different teams, and optimizing global operational efficiency.

Mikael's collaborative leadership style, characterized by positivity and transparency, resonates with Pitch Black's values of creativity and collaboration. His appointment underscores the commitment of Fuse FX, Rising Sun Pictures, FOLKS, and El Ranchito to growth while staying true to their core principles.